Mr. Kool Participant: Contestant #1 Romaine Mills

Romaine Mills
Participant #1
SPONSOR: Inland Revenue Department

DATE OF BIRTH: 16 July 1991

PARENTS: Tessa Mills (deceased) & Glenroy Skeete. Last of 4 children.

AGE: 23

RAISED: in Barnaby Village

Romaine Mills
Romaine Mills

EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY: Mrs Sutton Pre School, St James Primary, Gingerland High School then transferred to the Lyn Jeffers high where I received my CXC passes.

HOBBIES: Dramatizing, Singing, dancing and spending quality time with my family and loved ones

HOW WOULD I DESCRIBE MYSELF: Laid-back, talkative and hard working.

I believe in hard work. I have a warm personality and a desire to inspire others. I am open and always ready for new challenges.

OCCUPATION: I have 4 years of experience working as a Data Entry Clerk at Brown Hill Communications.

PAST WORK EXPERIENCE: TDC – Warehouse Attendant)

MY MOTTO: “Aim Big To Win Big”

When I’m passionate about something I go through extreme efforts to meet my passion and achieve my goal.

LONG TERM GOALS: I see myself owning my own dance studio. With my love for dance, I aim to become a professional Choreographer.

GROUPS INVOLVED IN: United boys dance group/Destiny ministry men and Shekinah dance theater. I travel to St Kitts occasionally to participate in many church functions. I’m an active member of Eden Brown Church Of God.

ROLE MODEL: Usher Raymond. WHY: Because he is multi-talented (sing/dance)

REASON FOR ENTERING SHOW: It is something that I always wanted to do, to help me become a more confident individual, which will inturn allow me to have a great approach not only in regular life but as I aspire to become a professional choreographer.

MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN MY LIFE: My mother; Tessa Mills. She has been my rock and a source of encouragement throughout my life.