Mr. Kool Participant: Contestant #4 Delville Mills

Delville Mills
Participant #4
SPONSOR: Nevis Culturama Committee

Born on November 28th, 1995 on the serene island of Nevis, Delville is a young man of many positive attributes and the personification of ‘Kool’.

Delville Mills
Delville Mills

As a young boy, Delville grew up in a tightly knit family in the village of Zion, where he would grow on the disciplines of hard work, determination and benevolence. He is always ready to do what is necessary to help his family and himself.

He received his primary education at the then Gingerland Primary School and his secondary education at the Gingerland Secondary School where he graduated in 2011.

From the tender age of 10, Delville was already certain of what his career goal would be and through determination he has seen it become reality. He wanted to be a heavy equipment operator. His love for operating and involvement among heavy machinery sparked from being around his uncle who never hesitated to show him the ropes. From then he built a love and passion for the field. He is a very technical individual and a wiz in anything hands on, which has led to him trying his hand at mechanics as well as helping his father in the family owned bakery. Off the job, Delville enjoys socializing with friends and spending quality time with his family.

In pursuit of being a well-rounded individual Delville is an active sports person. He plays cricket with Easterns Cricket Team and basketball with the Dynamics Sports Club. He is an integral part of his church youth group and exhibits his helpfulness by driving the church bus when necessary.

Delville grasped the challenge to enter the Mr Kool pageant as he feels he can be a source of inspiration and positive change among young men. He views Mr Kool as a medium through which he can develop himself, exhibit his talents and grow in confidence.