Mr. Kool Participant: Contestant #5 Jevon Romney

Jevon Romney
Participant #5
SPONSOR: Nevis Cultural Development Foundation

Born on May 19th 1995 to Mr Joseph Henderson and Ivy Romney, Jevon Romney emerged into this world in the true Taurus fashion – determined to leave his mark.

Jevon Romney
Jevon Romney

Like his zodiac counterparts Mr Romney is practical, dedicated, and extremely faithful with a strong need for security and a settled routine. Although he is very earthy, he is also highly romantic and sensitive when it comes to people and things he feels passionate about, such as the performing arts.

His interest in the arts (dancing, singing, acting and design) powers his obsessions with the stage. As such he revels at every opportunity to share this part of his soul with the world. As a result he has performed at various events with in his community and country.

At an early age his talent not only earned him the honour of being an ambassador for his school, but also won him the title on prince in the stage of the 2006-7 hosting of the Rotary Club Prince and Princess Show. However his relationship with dance was strengthened at the Charles E Mills Secondary School under the guidance of Mrs Asha Jones-Woodley and Mr Dwayne Weekes. Hence he has been an integral member of the institution’s Interschool Cheerleading and Clash of the High schools squads for several successive years until the end of his tenure there.

Mr Romney continues to dance and choreograph pieces though currently he is not a member of any dance company. He has created pieces for Miss Verchild’s High School and Miss Black San’. However his affiliation with the stage and these entities didn’t end with choreography, as his decorating skills were also employed to set the ambiance for their staging.

Determined to uninhibited by his humble beginning, Jevon endeavours to rise above his challenges and not be defeated by negativity and fear. Therefore he strives to achieve his goals with all that he has been blessed with and has earned. To this end his are fixed on success, and his energy and talents committed to being a professional dancer and entrepreneur in the areas of décor and event planning. So the future promises to be a colourful, well entertained and chic time when Jevon’s Designs opens its doors.