Mrs. Cleone Simmonds throws hat in bi-election ring for NRP

Charlestown, Nevis (Monday, January 27, 2019)- Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) female candidate, Mrs. Cleone Simmonds portrays herself as a fighter for a “Better Nevis” as she enters the upcoming bi-election for the recently vacant St.Thomas’ seat in the Nevis Island Assembly. Simmonds announced her bid as the NRP candidate during a well attended town hall meeting on Sunday (Jan. 26) at the Cotton Ground Community Center.

The seat was held by the former Premier of Nevis, Mr. Joseph Parry who retired from active politics on December 31, 2019. Mr. Parry, who was the elected representative for St. Thomas’ for over 30 years, graciously extended the baton to Mrs. Simmonds at Sunday’s event. Mrs. Cleon Simmonds – formerly Stapleton – hails from Cotton Ground. She is a former public school teacher turned lawyer with a private law practice on Government Road, Charlestown. The wife and proud mother of two said during her well-received address to the gathering, “I am doing this for your children and my children’s future.”

Two issues raised by Mrs. Simmonds in her speech were the sad state of healthcare on Nevis and the urgent need for youth empowerment.

Referring to a recent incident where a Nevisian lady died as a result of poor public health services available on our island, Mrs. Simmonds stated, “We want to see changes in our healthcare system. Good healthcare must once again be a priority on Nevis.”

On youth empowerment, Mrs. Simmonds said she is very “passionate” on the issues of young people. She said she has been talking to a number of Nevis youth who strongly believe that “they are not being heard”.
Candidate Simmonds went on to say, “We can look around Nevis and you can see that there is not much of an outlet for our young people. There are not much leisure activities, simple things like enjoying movies, they can’t enjoy that. Some have to journey to St.Kitts on the weekend, simply to get a little down time and relaxation. In order for our youth to develop, they must have an outlet to express themselves creatively. A Nevis Reformation Party Administration will ensure that these things are put in place because Nevis deserves better, Nevisians deserves better and you do not only deserve better, you deserve the best and NRP is best for Nevis!”

On hand to support Mrs. Simmonds and endorse her winning NRP candidacy were former Premier and former St. Thomas Representative in the Nevis Island Administration, Hon. Joseph Parry, party leader, Mr. Robelto Hector, party deputy leader, Dr. Kelvin Daly, NRP’s federal candidate, representative, Hon. Patrice Nisbett and Secretary General of the NRP, Ms. Idona Browne.

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