Ms Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant: Miss Antigua – Netisha Alie

Netisha Alie is an educator, mentor, model and humanitarian. As a teacher with a passion for youth development, Netisha started her own humanitarian project; The Netisha Alie Humanitarian Project in 2011 and later an online tutoring/counselling educational portal in 2014.

Netisha Alie
Netisha Alie

This passion for youth development has lead Netisha to continually hone and develop her skills and knowledge. To that end, she is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Education degree in Literacy Studies at the University of the West Indies to compliment her Associates of Science degree in Psychology and Sociology.

Ms. Alie hopes to make her mark in education and youth development by giving considerable time to teaching and counselling other youth and helping those who are emotionally abandoned.
Outside of formal education studies, Netisha has a holistic approach to her individual development and so engages in other constructive activities that peak her interest. She has been a fashion model for (4) four years and has modelled in Antigua, the Caribbean and the USA. She has also represented Antigua in two regional pageants.

She holds the title of 1st runner up in the Antigua Labor Queen 2014 pageant and has won several school pageants. She uses her modelling skills and experiences to help coach and manage other aspiring models in Antigua & Barbuda by way of a modelling agency. Her passion for matters of the youth drew recognition when she was asked to write a column in the Caribbean Times newspaper, where she gives a voice to issues affecting students and their learning. Netisha is also a former member of the Wings Basketball team and occasionally assists the club to train beginners. Miss Alie enjoys a plethora of outdoor activities which include a variety of watersports, as well as traveling and experiencing new Cultures. As a Christian She firmly believes that life is a gift given to us by God to cherish and enjoy.