Ms. Culture Queen Pageant: Contestant #6 Babita “Nikkita” Seelall

Babita “Nikkita” Seelall
Contestant #6
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Born to Miss Neetu Baljit and Mr. Anand Seelall in the City of Gardens (Guyana) on April 27th 1997 was a beautiful baby girl by the name of Nikkita Seelall. Miss Nikkita Seelall came to the Island of Nevis at the age of thirteen (13), she has been living in the federation of St Kitts and Nevis for approximately Five Years (5).

Babita Seelall
Babita Seelall

Nikkita attended the Charlestown Secondary School where she has been an excellent student. Nikkita put all her efforts into her studies ensuring her the top position in her classes at all times. Miss Seelall recently wrote 5 CXC subjects, namely Principles of Business, Principles of Accounts, Office Administration, Social Studies and English. It is without a doubt in her mind that she will pass these exams with flying colors. Miss Nikkita Seelall always had a knack for numbers; Because of this, Mathematics is her favorite subject. Her love for calculating numbers led her to enter an accounting competition in St Kitts for her school and of course she came out successful by winning the competition. This competition was a mere stepping stone for her future plans of becoming an Accountant and owning her own accounting firm.

Nikkita Seelall has not only beauty and brains she is very talented as well. She possesses the talents in three major art forms, which are, Singing, Dramatization and Dance. In her spare time Miss Seelall participated in a production at her high school show and wowed the audience with her dance performance. She has also danced for every Guyana fun day and performed at NEPAC’S Cornucopia Dance Production. Nikkita has entered and won two dance competitions in the Federation, one in St Kitts another in Nevis. Recently Miss Seelall performed with a well know Trinidadian artist Mr. Terry Gadraj as his background singer and was also a featured dancer in his most current music video that was shot in Queen City Nevis.

Miss Seelall was a victim of Cyber Bullying since coming to the Island of Nevis. Cyber Bullying then became part of Nikkita’s life for a brief period that made her life a living hell; Nikkita refused to let the insecurities of others dither her from the path she has chosen; she simply used it as motivation to excel. Because Nikkita is a self-motivated, determined individual she has decided it’s time to educate people about the seriousness of bullying.

This driven, intelligent, ambitious and beautiful young lady will continue to shine no matter what challenges comes her way, because like her role model Tyra Banks, she believes that by loving herself even the things that frustrate her makes her who she is. She will rise above all negativity and help make this world a better place.