Ms. Lornette Thompson retires from the Ivor Walters Primary School after 29 years

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- On the evening of Saturday, July 5, 2014 the staff and students of the Ivor Walters Primary School formerly known as Prospect Primary School, held a farewell dinner at the Occasions Complex in honour of Ms. Lornette Thompson for her twenty-nine years of sterling contribution to the school.

Chairperson of the event, Ms. Erlene Maynard, gave the opening remarks. She told those in attendance that she was pleased to be associated with such a significant event that represented the culmination of twenty-nine years of hard work by the honoree. Ms. Maynard also noted that she had been affiliated with Ms. Thompson for a number of years and she always had the highest regard and utmost respect for her. Maynard stated that the service which was afforded to the school by the honoree was a testimony of her tireless effort and commitment.

Principal of the school, Mrs. Janice Richards, also gave some remarks. Mrs. Richards highlighted that Ms. Thompson was one of the kindest persons she had ever known and even though she deserved her retirement, it was still very hard to let her go.

The principal claimed that Ms. Thompson’s love for the school was deep and profound and she would be sadly missed by those at the learning institution. Mrs. Richards continued that although Ms. Thompson was leaving the school, she was hopeful that it would not be a permanent leave and she would continue to visit the school. In closing the head teacher wished the honoree God’s richest blessings.

Past student of the school, Mr. St. Clair ‘Sazam’ Hull also contributed to the event. Mr. Hull stated that it was indeed a pleasure to be a part of such a momentous occasion, to recognized twenty-nine years of unwavering dedication by Ms. Thompson. He opined that the essence of good leadership is to blend the wisdom of ages with contemporary times, and he was of the view that no one did that better than Ms. Thompson. He continued, “She reached beyond our own selves to our very own souls, she reached for and touched the better angels of our nature”.

Mr. Hull said that what the school had achieved over the years was a combined effort of staff, students and parents but it would have been unachievable without Ms. Thompson. In closing he claimed that one can take all the fame, all the adulation and all the cameras away and put in a kitchen somewhere with ‘Chef Ramsey and Nathan Wright’ and she’d be as genuine and as much in her element as any of them.

Ms. Sharon Liburd, who was a past tutor at the school, also gave remarks on behalf of the teachers.

The esteemed honoree also addressed the gathering. Ms. Thompson claimed that serving at the school for the past twenty-nine years, had been the best service of her life but she felt as though however, that the time had came to move on. She thanked the NIA both past and present for giving her the opportunity to serve her community and her country but more so, her beloved Ivor Walters Primary that has a special place in her heart. She also thanked her children for allowing her to spend time with the school that should have been spent with them. She noted, “I have given a lot of my time to the school that my children should have gotten and for that I am eternally grateful to them”.

Ms. Thompson also indicated that during her time at the institution she has met some truly remarkable people that will always be a part of her. She claimed that there were hills and valleys and the road was not always smooth and straight but she endured because they had faith in her and she had faith in them. “I was able to serve for twenty-nine years because you gave me the will to carry on even when I thought about giving up”. In closing Ms. Thompson gave the staff her assurance that she would continue to assist in any way she could.

Student at the school Allyssa Thompson did a solo and Breandra Liburd who is the current Valedictorian recited a poem. This was followed by a brief profile of the distinguished honoree that was read by Ms. Tameka Stanley. The school dancers entertained the audience with a well choreographed dance.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Maurisha Walters.

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