Murder #16 between January to June; 39 murder victims since Timothy Harris’ PLP/CCM/PAM took office


BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS – With 16 murders recorded so far for this year and 39 killings since the Team Unity Government took office 16 months ago, the Central Basseterre Parliamentary Representative, has expressed sympathy to the family of the latest victim.

“Mr. Speaker, this morning (Thursday), we had our 16th murder. A young man from my constituency, Khoy Jeffers, was brutally murdered in Market Street and I want to express my sincere condolences to his mother, Blondina and to the other members of his family,” Hon. Marcella Liburd told lawmakers in the St. Kitts and Nevis National Assembly.


A lone gunman pumped several bullets into Jeffers shortly after he dropped his child at a baby sitter. His unnatural death brought the number of murders for this year to 16.

On January 14th Vancito Dore was killed in Cayon, St. Kitts.

On January 24th , Hassan Evans was murdered in Mc Knight, St. Kitts.

On January 27th , Lanzelle O’ Loughlin was killed in Mansion, St. Kitts.

On January 29th , Wade Phipps was gunned down in Ottley’s, St. Kitts.

On January 30th, Asim Parris was murdered in the Bath Cemetery in Nevis.

On January 31st, Devon Percival of St. Peters, St. Kitts was killed.

On March 5th, Javier Caines of Sandy Point, St. Kitts was murdered.

On March 10th, Tyrique Duncan was murdered in Hermitage, St. Kitts.

On March 11th, Mark Williams was killed in Rawlins Village, Nevis

On March 15th, Vincent Ferlance was killed at Pinney’s, Nevis

On April 30th, Kurtnell Richardson was killed in Sandy Point, St. Kitts.

On May 18th, Antonio Richardson was murdered in St. Peters, St. Kitts.

On May 20th, the double murder of Willis Warner and Koron Phillip occurred in Saddlers Village, St. Kitts.

On June 25th, Everette Thomas was murdered at Farm’s  Site, Sandy Point, St. Kitts.

There have been numerous shootings, with persons receiving gunshot wounds or escaping injury, armed robberies of business places and residences and burglaries in both St. Kitts and Nevis

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