MV Christena Commemorative Ceremony, August 1, 2017

By:St. Clair ‘Sazam’ Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-A significant ceremony was held on the morning of Tuesday, August 1, 2017 in remembrance of the victims and families who lost their lives on the MV Christena that sank on Saturday, August 1, 1970.

The ceremony began with the National Anthem. This was followed by the opening prayer which was done by Pastor Londy Esdaille.

Pastor Theophilus Kelly gave the welcoming remarks. He indicated that he was happy that persons could come on out, and show respect to the casualties who fatally lost their lives on that tragic Saturday afternoon. He pointed out, that he was very young when the incident transpired, but he still has vivid memories of it. Kelly stated that the entire island of Nevis was in mourning, as everyone had some friend or relative on the vessel.

Premier of Nevis, Hon. Vance Amory also gave some remarks. Amory told the gathering that it was extremely sad when the vessel went down. He noted that the boat was designed to carry 150 passengers. He told the gathering that this was not the time to play the blame game.

The Premier said that after the tragic disaster of the MV Christena, a number of Nevisians migrated to other parts of the world. He said our main industry at the time was Agriculture, and this was deeply affected by the occurrence. Amory indicated, that even though the incident sent the country into a state of depression and sadness, a lot of good things also came out of the disaster. He pointed out that everything that happens is part of God’s plan.

The Sermon was given by Pastor Cecil Bartlette.

There was the recognition of the survivors, and the names of the victims were read out.

Pastor Delroy Josiah gave the closing prayer and the Hon. Vance Amory laid a wreath in memory of the victims.


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