My Lime Self Care APP Ready for Download

LIME Caribbean has launched another innovative digital software, My LIME Self Care App, which is designed to give customers across the region greater access and more control of their own mobile services. My LIME Self Care App is now available for use in the British Virgin Islands and is currently being rolled across all LIME markets.

MY LIME Self Care App can be downloaded on iPhone from the Apple App Store and on Android from the Google Play Store. With MY LIME Self Care App prepaid users can: buy and see add-ons; monitor their data usage to know how much is left on their package; and track the last 24 hours of call and text history that they paid for, including duration, charges, and destination numbers.

The App will also enable postpaid customers to view monitor their data usage as well as, download and pay their bills. The App summarizes overages; allows email messages to be sent directly to customer service representatives for extra help, among other uses. This extraordinary value offer is free to LIME customers as there is no charge for data usage while using the LIME Self Care App.

“The MY LIME Self Care App places the centre of control where it belongs, in the hands of the customer. We are committed to provide customers with more innovative products that will complement their lifestyle and make them the
decision makers,” said Martin Roos, CEO of LIME Caribbean.

“LIME is committed to driving customer service excellence, where excellence is defined by the customers themselves, not by the provider. This App gives the consumer the authority and flexibility to manage the services they need and can access from LIME,” the CEO added.With a major network upgrade programme valued at some US$1.05B already
underway, LIME continues to invest heavily in the region. LIME has afforded its customers a plethora of value packed data plans, an attractive range of affordable smartphones, revitalized its brand identity, refurbished retail stores and continues to roll out innovations. All this no doubt, has contributed to the growth in its
customer base, evidenced by over 100K new subscribers on its network in just 60 days, leading in to the start of the New Year.

“This new app is among a suite of new innovations that LIME has in the pipeline for its customers. LIME Self Care ‘wizards’ will be on hand in retail stores to demonstrate the features of the App and help customers to better understand this useful application,” Martin Roos further stated.

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