National Carnival Primary School Calypso King Enters Bermuda’s Soca

Monique Washinton

From Calypso to Soca, 12 year old National Carnival Primary School Calypso King for two (2) consecutive years has officially entered a Soca competition in Bermuda.   King Terron Webb entered Bermuda’s annual fete, Intense, dubbed Quest for the Best song contest.

The Bermuda born grade six (6) student at the St. Thomas’ Primary School is currently the reigning National Carnival Primary School Calypso King 2016-2017. He also placed first runner up in the Culturama 42 Junior Calypso Competition. According to the competition rules, the competition which will be held for the first time and it is open to Bermudans living at home and abroad.

Contestants were asked to submit 1 to 3 Soca songs. The competition is a part of Bermuda’s National Hero’s day which is celebrated the weekend of June 16-19.

Speaking with Webb’s mother Angela Williams, she revealed that a family member living in Bermuda encouraged her to enter her son in the competition.  She said that it took about two weeks to put the song together and have aspects of Bermuda’s culture added.

Though the competition is in a different genre to what Webb is accustomed to, Williams noted that “Terron is always ready for competition”


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