Nationals receive awards from Christophe Harbour

Three employees at Christophe Harbour have been awarded for their outstanding service for the third quarter of 2017.

The management at Christophe Harbour Development conveyed special recognition to Melanie Bennett, Raynal Richardson and Gregory Matthew for their persistence at ensuring that top quality service remains a hallmark of the operations at Christophe Harbour.

Each quarter, Christophe Harbour management spearheads a process that results in awards for the persons who meet the criteria.

Melanie Bennett was presented the ‘Manager of the Quarter’ award, in her role as Guests Services Manager at The Marina At Christophe Harbour.

For Melanie, meeting guest expectations is crucial.

She explained, “It is important to be able to interact with people at various levels – from an international captain to being able to explain the needs and manage the expectations for the yacht, as well as on-island service providers. The best business is when everybody makes money.”

The award of ‘Back of House Employee of the Quarter’ went to Raynal Richardson who has been a mechanic at Christophe Harbour for the past two years.

“You have to have a passion for this work in order to do it well. I am always striving to be better,” Raynal said.

Then there is Gregory Matthew who was awarded the ‘Front of House Employee of the Quarter’.

Gregory is a part of the guest services team, welcoming guests, assisting around the pool area and with food and beverage as well.

Considering the importance of the job, Gregory said, “It is very important. After security, we get to meet our guests. We help create the right foundation for an outstanding experience while they are with us.”

Gregory has been with Christophe Harbour for six years. His advice for young people coming into the hospitality industry is “Love yourself, love others and love what you do.”

The institutionalised quarterly awards reflect the corporate policy of recognising outstanding performance as part of the staff development process, and for the sustainable development of Christophe Harbour.

Company executives have reaffirmed their commitment to ensure the company’s human resources maintain the ability to deliver high quality service to both guests and clients.

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