By: Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—The Nevis Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) held its forty-second annual general meeting on Thursday 4th June.

The meeting was held at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church Hall and attracted quite a number of members and prospective members.

The meeting as per usual, was somewhat lengthy and featured the presentation of reports which included: The board of directors’ report by the President, Mr. Colin Walwyn; the Treasurer’s report; the Credit Committee report; the supervisory committee report and the Auditors’ report.

One of the main features of the evening was the election of officers to serve for the upcoming term with two new officers been elected to various committees and three officers being returned for a second term.

The results are as follows:

Board of Directors
Colin Walwyn
Cherril Barrett-Field
Andrea Bussue
Catherine Forbes
Anselm Caines replaces Jervan Swanston who has served his term as director
Greg Phillip
Vernel Powell

Credit Committee
Studdert Daniel
Alex Wilkinson
Sandy Daniel-Wilkin
Dorriel Tross-Phillip

Corliss Wilkinson replaces former chairman of the committee Cecil Huggins who has served his term

Supervisory Committee
Lesa Tyson-elected to serve for another term
Mauricia Caines
O’Larry Lescott

Another feature of the evening was the period when members of the NCCU got the opportunity to field questions and make comments as it pertains to the general performance of the Credit Union.

One issue that created much discussion was the announcement that no dividends will be paid this year. The explanation is that the law does not allow the payment of dividends unless a specific percentage of the assets of the Credit Union are placed in shares.

The meeting concluded well after 10:00 p.m.

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