Near Drowning In Frigate Bay

Frigate Bay Police is investigating a near drowning incident that occurred at or about 1145 A.M. at the Frigate Bay Strip on Saturday 7 June 2014.
Initial investigations revealed that a father and his two (2) daughters, ages 11 and 15 were Kayaking when the Kayak overturned. The father and the 15 year old managed to get a hold of the Kayak and swam to shore. Despite attempts to rescue his daughter, the 11 year old who could not swim, drifted further out to sea, beyond his reach.

Local restaurateur, Roland Carey of Kathy’s Bar and Grill on The Strip, saw the incident and responded by grabbing a dingy and went out to sea and rescued the adolescent child. The child was not breathing when they retuned to the shore. Mr. Carey administered CPR to the lifeless child and managed to resuscitate her. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) were called to the scene where other lifesaving measures were administered to the child who was transported to the Joseph N. France Hospital where she is warded and in stable condition.

Commissioner CG Walwyn takes this opportunity to thank Mr. Carey for his unselfish act in saving the life of this young girl and recommends that all residents contact the Red Cross and request a course in CPR.
The Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force encourages residents to take this act of bravery and humanity as an example for all to follow in assisting others should history repeat itself. As a parent, Commissioner Walwyn wishes to remind all guardians and parents that summer is fast approaching and our children will be visiting our beautiful beaches. Please ensure that the children knows how to swim, or are supervised by a person, who knows how to swim.

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