Netball : Vixens Swallow Blue Tides

The Venomous Vixens were at their devouring best on the evening of Thursday 12th November, as they engaged the Blue Tides.

This, as action in the ongoing Netball league, hosted jointly by the Nevis Netball Association and the Sports Department, continued.

The Vixens made an impressive debut, outfitted with a brand new uniform and all and with such experienced players as Shantelle Isles, Lydia Thompson-Claxton and Jasmine Charles.

The Blue Tides, on the other hand, featured St.Kitts’ national player, Michelle Liburd.

From start to finish, the Vixens appeared more fleet-footed on the slightly damp court and certainly made their shots count, with Shantelle Isles, leading the way.

Final score: Venomous Vixens 60 Blue Tides 26

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