Nevis 2nd Lionfish Hunt Competition

Press Release

The 2nd Lionfish Hunt Competition will take place on Sunday 29th March at the Nevis Yacht Club on Oualie Beach from 11 AM â 3PM. Save the ocean eat lionfish! Come and enjoy Lionfish cooking and cleaning demonstrations, and sale of lionfish lunches, rice and peas, burgers and hot dogs and lots to drink.

Families, come have a fun day. Fishermen, hotel guests and staff, yacht owners and divers come along and compete in our lionfish hunt.

Come break the records of our previous lionfish hunt. Prizes to be won include most lionfish caught and biggest lionfish caught; most pounds of lionfish caught; smallest lionfish caught and the best hotel teams.

We look forward to seeing you there! Save the ocean eat lionfish!

This event is organized by The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society in collaboration with the Nevis Yacht Club and sponsored by the Nevis Air and Seaport Authority.

For more information contact the NHCS at 469 5786 or 661 3070.

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