Nevis Academy Impacts Community in A Real Way


Charlestown-Nevis-Principal of the Nevis Academy Primary school, Dr. Andrea Bussue, was beaming and obviously overjoyed, as she called her ‘troops’ to order, for a

Dr. Andrea Bussue

reporting session on what transpired, during their ‘impact the community drive,’ on Friday 14th June.
The idea was her brain child, as she indicated that she decided that instead of having the usual fun day, complete with bouncing castle and water slides, she would allow the students to go out into the community and impact the people they meet, in a positive way.
The various classes had specific assignments as follows:
To clean up waste matter indiscriminately dumped at the former Artisan village and areas in close proximity and later deliver gift baskets to individuals in Charlestown.
A visit to the Flambuoyant Nursing home, where they distributed personal care items to be used by the residents there. They also sang songs; read scripture passages and prayed with them.
Delivering vouchers for gas at Reliable Motors and Delta Petroleum.
Handing out gift baskets.
Dr. Bussue, in giving her overview noted that 64 food baskets were delivered randomly to individuals; 3 boxes of items were given to the Flambuoyant Nursing home and 20 persons received gas vouchers, of up to $20.00 gas.
She stated that persons within the community applauded the school on the fine gesture and made mention of the fact that that it was ‘the first of its kind.’
She also took time out to thank the following persons and businesses:
The parents; Sea quip; Horsfords Valu Mart; Best Buy; Curtis Liburd; Reliable Motors; Delta Petroleum; Sheila Daniel; Myrtles Healthy Beginnings; Julie Harley Basil; VON radio; 20/20 Vison radio; Nevis pages and Curtis Morton.
The children for their part, indicated that it was a joy for them to give to the community and were amazed at the positive responses they received from the persons directly impacted.
They are looking forward for it to become an annual event and are hoping to make an even bigger IMPACT next year.

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