Nevis Academy Students Thank the Police and Other Essential Workers

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 06, 2019 (RSCNPF): Students of the Nevis Academy are using their creativity while at home to show their appreciation to the men and women who work in areas where essential services are offered.

The school’s principal, Dr. Andrea Bussue, gave the students the project to work on as an assignment.

“Now I thought of the stress it can cause on adults and children, in particular, who would not be able to move about and play as they would like during this Easter break…but I thought, why not do something positive seeing we’re all locked down and we have been teaching the importance of impacting our community. So rather than focus on the negative I sent out a broadcast to my parents and told them let’s reach out and create cards and thank our essential workers for the job they’re doing to keep us safe. Let’s show some gratitude,” Dr. Bussue explained.

The assignment had just three steps. Students were required to: 1) create a thank you card or video for essential workers; 2) take a picture of themselves working on the project; and 3) take a picture of themselves with the finished product.

Persons can go to to view the children’s creations or visit the school’s Facebook page by searching for ‘From the Principal’s Desk – Nevis Academy’.

Dr. Bussue added that the school’s administration had a wonderful relationship with the Police.

“Our Liaison Officer is Officer Rohan LaBorde and he visits the school very often and participates in our school events. He has also been on our ‘Impact Your Community’ events. We love and appreciate him,” she said. “And there are other Police Officers who visit from time to time so we are grateful to the Police for what they’re doing and we know that this is a stressful time, so we wanted to show some appreciation to our police, our nurses, our garbage collectors, water department, NEVLEC, Flow – and especially for the Flow study that’s coming on stream, our supermarket workers and all of our front-line workers for doing a wonderful job in providing for us and keeping us safe during this time.”

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