Nevis Association of South Florida hands over Microwaves to Gingerland High School

On Monday April 1 2019, some 5 Microwaves were officially handed over to Principal Mrs Lyneth Williams of the Gingerland High School by Rev Ron Daniel for and on behalf of the Nevis Association of South Florida. The microwaves were requested by the Parent Teachers Association and the Association was pleased to acquiesce to their request. The Nevis Association of South Florida is headed by Dr. Theodore Daniel who is himself a graduate of Gingerland High School.

Rev Ron Daniel who serves as the local representative for the group explained that the Association is able to raise funds by hosting various dinners and creative fundraisers in order to help noble causes back home in Nevis. In the past the Nevis Association of South Florida has sponsored School Meals, The Family Book Feud put on by the Ministry of Education, Community Outreach Programs put on by churches among other things. Rev Daniel explained that while the Association is constantly flooded with requests that they try every year to raise more funds to be able to do more to help. Rev Daniel explained that it was his pleasure to hand over these microwaves which he expected to be used in the best interests of the school.

The Association is made up of Nevisians who now live in Florida who continue to have a heartbeat for their home country.

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