Nevis’ Director of Sports Pleased With Lifting Of Some Restrictions on Sporting Activities

Director of Sports on Nevis, Jamir Claxton, is elated that the health authorities, in collaboration with the National COVID -19 task force, has lifted some of the restrictions, as regards sports and sporting activities.

He noted that proposals were made to the task force, by a combination of senior sports officials from St. Kitts and Nevis and he was happy to note that most of the proposals were approved.

Claxton stated that the proposals go further to level three, which would involve the hosting of competitive sports, but was quick to point out, that a lot will depend on what transpires at this stage.  He urged the sporting bodies and related sportsmen and women, to adhere to the stated protocols and ensure that they are safe, even as they go out on the field of play.  He impressed on them to recognize that if they handle themselves well during this phase of the proceedings, it will pave the way for the authorities to allow for level three, which is the competitive phase.

The current restrictions, in summary, allows for the following:

The sporting and recreational activities will be allowed under two levels: A and B.

Under Level A, activities can be conducted by a sole athlete or by pairs where 6 ft can always be maintained between participants. There should be no contact between athletes and or other personnel. Strength and sport-specific training are permitted if no equipment is required or you have access to your own equipment. There should be no sharing of exercise equipment or communal facilities and personal hygiene measures must be applied away from group facilities, hand hygiene regularly during training with hand sanitizers, and also pre and post training. There should be no sharing of drink bottles and towels and no one should attend training if unwell.

As it relates to Level B, the activities can be conducted in small groups of not more than 10 athletes and or other personnel in total and with adequate spacing. Some sharing of sporting equipment is permitted such as kicking a football, hitting a tennis ball, use of skipping ropes, weights and mats. There can be non-contact skills training. Accidental contact may occur but no deliberate body contact drills such as wrestling, holding, tackling should take place.

Gymnasiums are allowed to function once the proper procedures are adhered to.

Commercial gyms, yoga, dance and spin classes are permitted if the conditions outlined before are met.

The use of communal facilities should be minimized with limited numbers of no more than ten persons; hand sanitizers should be used on entry and exit to venues and full body shower with soap before and after training should be done preferably at home. There should be no socializing or group functions. Spectators should be separated from athletes and spectators should maintain social distancing of at least 6 ft and wear masks.

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