Nevis Disaster Manager Urges Caution

Charlestown –Nevis-Manager at the Nevis Disaster Management office, Mr. Brian Dyer is urging residents on the island to be cautious in receiving information about storm formation for the upcoming hurricane season and to ensure that such information comes from legitimate sources.
With just one day to go before the start of the 2019 hurricane season, Dyer noted that sometimes wrong information is broadcasted and passed on from person to person.
He is also asking residents to take early precautions and prepare for any eventuality.

List of 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Names:
These names were recycled from the 2013 season, which was considered a quiet year with no major hurricanes.
1. Andrea
2. Barry
3. Chantal
4. Dorian
5. Erin
6. Fernand
7. Gabrielle
8. Humberto
9. Imelda
10. Jerry
11. Karen
12. Lorenzo
13. Melissa
14. Nestor
15. Olga
16. Pablo
17. Rebekah
18. Sebastien
19. Tanya
20. Van
21. Wendy

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