By:Curtis Morton

As far back as the early nineties, Nevis female Cricket teams have represented at a very high level, all across the region. From the inception of the historic female Cricket soft ball league initiated by Curtis Morton, representative teams have participated in tournaments in Grenada, Barbados, St.Kitts, Antigua, Florida, Montserrat and a few more territories.

Some of the ladies have excelled and these would include Ruby Chapman, Judy Morton, Dorcella Powell, Lilith Walters and many more.

However, on Saturday 25th June, another moment in history will be recorded. This is when the first ever Nevis HARD BALL Cricket team, will take the field versus their counterparts in St.Kitts.

The St.Kitts team, by the way, has a couple of lasses who originate from Nevis and from the initial soft ball league.

In reality, Cricket fans on Nevis will be in for a double treat this coming Saturday:

First up will be the SKN Patriots v the Premier’s X1 match, which commences at 12.00 noon and then right after that, at about 4pm, Nevis females will engage St.Kitts females in the historic first match of the Leeward Islands female Cricket league.

Much is expected as the Carl Tuckett trained girls are expected to give a good account of themselves in front of their home crowd.

The St.Kitts lasses on the other hand are saying quite loudly that they intend to whip Nevis in their own front yard!

Time will tell and the bumper crowd at the ET Willett Park will be first hand witnesses to history unfolding.

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