Nevis High Court begins with drama

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Nevis Circuit began its April criminal assizes today Tuesday, April 01, 2014 before Her Lordship Justice Lorraine Williams at the Charlestown High Court.

Four males all incarcerated and accused of varies of crimes took the docket and made their plea.

Lawyer, Geoffery Romany who was charged with Fraudulent Conversion and Money Laundering took the stand ready for his matter to be heard. However, the Prosecution was not prepared to try Romany’s case. Crown Counsel O’Neil St. A. Simpson told the court that the prosecution was not ready to proceed with Romany’s case as there were matters requiring consolidation. “There are investigations into attendant matters being pursued for consolidation,” the Crown Counsel told the court.

Dr. Henry Browne, QC spoke on Romany’s behalf. Browne objected strongly to the matter being traversed and informed Her Lorship that Romany had been in custody for quite some time. He further told the court that Romany’s bail conditions were heavy. Dr. Browne said that the Prosecution had no grounds to delay Romany’s trial. “This matter is now before the court. I am begging for his trial,” Dr. Browne told the court.

Dr. Browne said Romany’s case is ready for trial and noted that Romany was being subjected to injustice by being denied an early trial. “It is unfair for Romany. His bail terms are onerous. He is not a native of this country. This is a small island and his reputation is crucial. He is entitled to an early trial.”

However, Simpson stated that there are other matters to be investigated.

Hearing this, the frustrated attorney made an outburst in court.

‘This is unlawful custody, I’m a lawyer for 16 years I have been in prison for 3 years, even accused murderers get bail’, he shouted loudly from the prisoners dock.

Romany stood in the witness box shouting to the court expressing signs of frustration. “What justice is here in this court?” Romany asked.

Her Lordship, who is new to this matter and in an attempt to inquire about Romany’s bail conditions from Dr. Browne was interrupted by the accused with his continuous shouting in court, eventually led her to ask that he be removed from the court.

His matter was traversed until November 2014, thus leaving three matters to be tried for this April Criminal Assizes.

Ozandy Collins will be the first to have his matter heard when court re-commences on Thursday, April 3, 2014. Collins is being represented by Attorney, Ricaldo Caines.

Akeem Foster pleaded guilty to Burglary. His date for sentencing is set for next week Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

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