Nevis Hot Springs Site Gets a Major Upgrade

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS – The Nevis Hot Springs site at Bath Village is presently undergoing major work to improve the overall aesthetics surrounding the popular thermal Bath Stream.

Premier of Nevis and Minister of Tourism in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) the Honorable Mark Brantley says the upgrades at the Bath Stream are nearing completion.

“The project will include a small welcome centre. It will also include bathroom facilities and change room facilities. Now, if you’re going there looking for some modern-looking buildings, that is not what we are trying to achieve. We’re trying to keep a rustic look and so we got some old chattel houses and brought them on site to create that sort of rustic village feel.”

He continued, “We’re doing some stone walls. We’re doing some picket fencing, and I’m very happy with what I see there. I hope that you are happy too.”

The project will also include a gazebo and some flagstone pathways, repairs to the shed over the pool next to the gift shop, and construction of a new entryway and illuminated parking lots

The Premier informed, “Three buildings on the site are almost complete with just minor finishes, electrical and data connections to be made. I would definitely invite you to go and take a look. It is very impressive what we’ve done thus far.”

While vehicular access is not permitted during the construction work, the thermal spring hut remains open to the public.

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