“Nevis Minister of Tourism drops ball on capitalizing on CPL”, says Powell

Charlestown, Nevis(Thursday, August 14, 2014) Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) senator in the Nevis Island Assembly, Hon. Carlisle Powell said the Nevis Minister of Tourism the Hon. Mark Brantley dropped the ball on capitalizing on the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) games in St. Kitts.

He made the statement during a very successful Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday at the Barnes Ghaut Community Center , Nevis.

“Many of you have been watching the CPL cricket matches and seen the great advertisements for St. Kitts. Have you asked the same question I have asked? Where are the ads for Nevis during this great opportunity of being on the world stage,” asked Hon. Powell.

He said it would have been a brilliant idea if the Minister of Tourism in Nevis (Hon. Mark Brantley) sat down with the Minister of Tourism in St. Kitts, Hon, Rickey Skerritt to work out a plan to promote Nevis while people were watching the well-watched games in England, North America, the region and other significant places. Organisers estimate that the games (Aug 7-16)are being viewed in 220 million homes.

Powell added that in the past St. Kitts- Nevis did many tourism promotions together which included the slogan, “Two islands, one paradise,” then the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) decided to do their own tourism promotion.

“Nevis could have done small promotions where they invited the cricket teams on their off days while showcasing a hotel on the island, and hosting a reception with a television crew. Nevis could have paid say, $250,000 and get some good ads going as it would have been an excellent investment for the Nevis tourism sector. They spend money on other foolishness.”

This government does not have the imagination and vision. The only thing they understand is if you are not CCM, send them home,” said Powell while reflecting on more recent dismissals.

In 2005, when the ICC Cricket World Cup was coming and St. Kitts was looking for a first- class stadium , St. Kitts sought to involve Nevis and Hon. Vance Amory the then Premier and former cricketer was asked to get involved in upgrading Grove Park which is now Elquemedo Willett Park in Charlestown, Nevis. Mr. Vance Amory was not interested, but as soon as he found out it was grant money from Taiwan he wanted to get involved but it was too late.

Powell stated, “their level of administering the government is so low that people have to look forward and stop bothering with them (CCM)”.

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