Nevis Reformation Party Statement on Friday morning Fire in Charlestown

Charlestown, Nevis (Friday, January 17, 2014)- The early morning fire at the Ministry of Finance- Treasury Building in downtown Charlestown is a tragic event. It will create inconveniences for our people.

The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) asks that all Nevisians and residents on Nevis remain calm and exercise patience with the offices that have been handicapped by the fire. We further ask Nevisians to restrain themselves from the temptation of jumping to conclusions, finger pointing and the spreading of rumors.

We commend the Fire and Rescue Services for their courageous work in containing the fire. Their actions went a long way towards saving historic Charlestown. We must now allow the Fire and Rescue Services to complete their investigations in determining the cause of this fire.

We are a resilient people; we overcame the fire at the Ministry of Communications and the fire at the Charlestown Police Station. This too will be overcome.

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