Nevis Renal Society celebrates its annual Awards Dinner 2014

Nevispages Reporter

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-On Saturday, November 15, 2014 all roads led to ‘Occasions’ entertainment complex located at Pinney’s Estate for the Nevis Renal Society Awards Dinner.

The ceremony began with the invocation, followed by the national anthem.

Chairperson of the event Mrs. Elmeda Brooks gave the opening remarks. She told those in attendance that it was a pleasure to be a part of such a significant occasion. She expressed that the organizers must be commended for their continued dedication. She noted that functions such as that being hosted by the Renal Society were very important since the community would get an opportunity to hear about kidney issues; and some of the things that should be done in order to protect one’s kidneys. Mrs. Brooks stated that if a person is hoping to live a long and healthy life, then one must ensure that all measures are taken to remain healthy.

President of the Nevis Renal Society, Mrs. Alexa Pemberton, also gave some brief remarks. She indicated that she was overwhelmed to see so many persons supporting the event. She stated that the organization has been ongoing for the past fifteen years and just like any other organization, it has met its fair share of obstacles. She assured the general public that the organization has always and will always aim to assist persons who suffer from kidney problems.

Pemberton praised the members who she indicated have remained committed to their task. She thanked all those who continue to make the organization relevant and promised that once God keep granting them health and strength, the society will keep getting bigger and better.

Minister responsible for Health, Hon. Mark Brantley gave some remarks. Brantley told the gathering that it is extremely difficult to keep organizations together in Nevis and one that has being ongoing for fifteen years should be praised to the utmost highest. He stated that his ministry has always worked closely with the Nevis Renal Society. The minister also noted that he was aware of the kind of scrutiny that that his ministry receives but they are working tirelessly. Hon. Brantley also encouraged to keep eating healthy and to protect their kidneys noting that a nation’s health is a nation’s wealth. In closing, he wished the organization every success in their future endeavors.

Mr. Steve Dore, originally from Hickman’s Village in Gingerland, but who now resides in St. Thomas gave the feature address. Mr. Dore said that when he was contacted by Mrs. Pemberton to be the keynote speaker he did not even contemplate whether he was going to come or not since he always enjoy coming to Nevis.

Dore, who once suffered from kidney problems, shared his unforgettable story with those assembled. He noted that in 2009 he received news from his doctor that his kidneys were operating below the required standard. He indicated that often times he would feel dizzy and sometimes he would fell asleep for brief moments while driving.

Dore told those in attendance, that he vividly remembered once falling asleep on a conference call and was told by his boss to get his act together. He stated that on numerous occasions when he went to receive dialysis treatment he would see persons in the room much older than himself who were receiving treatment for a number of years.

Dore continued, “When I saw some of those persons I would immediately think about death, it was really a depressing situation and I felt in a state of helplessness”. He said however that he was mindful of the fact that once there was life, there was always hope. He then announced proudly that he was the beneficiary of a kidney transplant in 2012. He indicated that since the operation, he has felt like a brand new person.

The awardees for the event were Mr. Orville Liburd, owner of Lefco Equipment Rental Construction Company Ltd and the late Mrs. Blondina Glasgow-Williams of Brick Kiln Village who was awarded posthumously.

The vote of thanks was given by Mr. Brian Carey, Treasurer of the Nevis Renal Society.

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