By:Curtis Morton

The Nevis Archery Association will be hosting a very important competition this weekend, as they engage their counterparts from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) between Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th December, in the unique skills of the bow and arrow.

According to President of the local Association, Dane Sandiford, since taking part in a competition earlier in the year in Barbados, his Association has had a strong recruiting drive and has attracted some young persons to the fold, who are very enthusiastic about the sport.

The Nevis team that will be participating in the competition is as follows:

Dane Sandiford- President

Edmund Blackett-Vice President

Pamela Barry-Treasurer

Catherine Joseph-Secretary

Jonathan Warde

Brittany Wilkin

Zoe Bendeito

Jarrette Greene

The BVI on the other hand will be showing up with a six member team.

The tournament will commence on Saturday 17th with an opening ceremony at 8.30 am at the greens located in Bath village and the competitors and spectators will be addressed by Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams-Junior Minister of Sports and then the competition will begin in earnest.

The competition will involve four categories which will include target shoot distances of

  • 15 meters
  • 30 meters
  • Federal-50 meters
  • Field shoot, which aspect will be specifically conducted at Mount Travers in the Pinneys area, which will provide for the most difficult aspect of the competition, as the competitors will be shooting at targets from varying heights while traveling through a bushy area.

The first three categories will be contested at the range on Saturday 17th and the field shoot will take place at Mount Travers in the Pinneys area, on Sunday 18th December, starting at 8.30 am

Medals will be awarded to the winners in each category as follows: 1st place; 2nd place and 3rd place.

The challenge cup will go to the winning team.

Even the new recruits to the Association seemed very upbeat about their participation in the competition and while Dane Sandiford pointed out that the Association was footing the bill to host the competition, Treasurer Pam Barry was careful to ask interested persons and businesses to kindly support the event and the Association, with their financial contributions.

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