Nevis Tourism Authority Collaborates with Pandora to Offer Island-Inspired Keepsakes

Carry a slice of Nevis wherever life takes you! We’re thrilled to unveil special charms that let you embrace the beauty of Nevis. In collaboration with Pandora, the Nevis Tourism Authority is delighted to introduce two exclusive Pandora charms, capturing the essence of the island’s allure. It’s not just a charm; it’s a piece of paradise to cherish and share that showcases the iconic Nevis flag and the majestic Nevis Peak, allowing you to carry a piece of paradise wherever life’s adventures take you.

This delightful charm is the perfect keepsake, encapsulating the essence of Nevis and sealing the incredible memories you’ve made on the island.

Available for viewing at the Nevis Tourism Authority office and for purchase at L’Elegance Fine Jewelry & Timepieces, Four Seasons Resort, Nevis.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to carry a touch of Nevis with you wherever you go. Grab your charm and let the island’s magic accompany you on your journey!⁠

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