Nevis under 19’s Return Home

The Nevis under 19 team returned home on Tuesday 3rd July, from their sojourn to Montserrat, where they participated in the recently concluded Leeward Islands under 19 Cricket championship.
Among those on hand to meet the players, was the Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn and Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton.
Captain Marcus Dubberry expressed disappointment at the fact that his team was unable to bring home the winner’s trophy but stated that they gave it their all and noted that quite a number of the players will be eligible to play in the tournament for several more years and he expects the team to do even better next time around.
Manager Kelvin Archibald, stated that the team and management gelled like a family and pointed out that Kian Pemberton got the most wickets, followed by Tiwan Prentice.
Justin Amurdan was 4th in the overall batting statistics.
Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn told the team that despite the fact that they did not win the tournament, he was proud of them and stated that the fact that they won over the eventual tournament winners, Antigua and Barbuda, is instructive and very significant.
He thanked them for representing Nevis as proud ambassadors.
It was also pointed out that Nevisian scorer Miss Sharlene Martin was adjudged the top scorer of the tournament.
At the closing ceremony for the tournament, the following top awards were announced:

The Omari Banks MVP for Anguilla U-19 Demari Benta.

The Ralston Otto MVP for Antigua & Barbuda U-19 Uri Smith.

The Edgar Gilbert/Cyril Puntan Webster MVP for St Kitts U-19 Mikyle Louis.

The Derick Parry MVP for Nevis U-19 Kian Pemberton.

The Lowell Mason MVP for Montserrat U-19 Zawandi White.

The Jim Allen Most Valuable Player of the LICB U-19 2018 Uri Smith (Antigua & Barbuda)

The Alford Corriette Batsman with the Most Runs LICB U-19 Mikyle Louis (St.Kitts)

The Lionel Baker Best Fast Bowler Award LICB U-19 Kian Pemberton (Nevis)

The Austin White Bowler with the Most Wickets LICB U-19 Kian Pemberton (Nevis)

The Kelvin Duberry Bowler with the Best Bowling Figures Jemuel Cabey (Montserrat)

The Auckland Hector Best Wicket-Keeper LICB U-19 Joshua Grant (Montserrat)

The Basil Morgan Best Umpire Award LICB U-19 (Donald Shekels) Antigua & Barbuda.

The Robert Jeffers Most Disciplined LICB U-19 (Anguilla U-19)

Players Who Scored Centuries during The Leeward Islands U-19 2018

Mikyle Louis (St.Kitts) 157 vs Anguilla.

Paul Miller (Antigua & Barbuda) 118 not out vs Nevis.

Joshua Grant (Montserrat) 110 not out vs Anguilla

Zawandi White (Montserrat) 102 vs Nevis.

Final Placing In the Leeward Islands U-19 2018 Championship

Champion (Antigua & Barbuda)

LICB 2nd Place (Montserrat)

LICB 3rd Place (Nevis)

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