Nevis welcomes another young lawyer

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Congratulations and high praises are in order for Miss Saundra Hector affectionately known as ‘Niecy’ of Stoney Grove, Nevis, who on Thursday, November 13, 2014 joined the assembly of lawyers in the Federation, having been called to the Bar of St. Christopher and Nevis.

In a ceremony held at the Charlestown High Court filled with family, friends, attorneys and well wishers and presided over by Her Ladyship, Justice Lorraine Williams, and Justice Bernie Stephenson, attorneys-at-law, Mr. Robelto Hector and Ms. Marsha Henderson submitted Hector’s application which was approved.

In the application to the Court, the applicant’s father, Attorney-at-law, Robelto Hector recalled the words of Justice Nelson, who spoke during her graduation ceremony. He reminded her of what was to be expected of her. He reminded her that there were ethics in the profession that she must follow and languages that she must use. He noted that much was expected from her as an officer of the court. Mr. Hector concluded that he was of the view that she would make a great attorney, as she was always one who was hardworking, ambitious and honest.

Attorney-at law, and cousin of Miss Hector, Jackie Taylor, welcomed her to the legal fraternity. She gave her sounds words of advice. She encouraged her and reminded her to always be herself and to always have her client’s best interest at heart.

In 2009 Hector journeyed to UWI Cave Hill in Barbados to pursue her law degree, where she successfully graduated and received her Bachelor of Law degree in 2012. In that same year she went to the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad where she obtained her Legal Education Certificate in 2014.

In her inaugural speech at her call ceremony, Miss Hector stated that she felt extremely privileged to stand in the presence of Her Ladyship, Justice Williams, as a member of the esteemed legal fraternity. She noted that she have experienced much to arrive at the space that she now occupied. She thanked her creator for his divine intervention along the way.

She thanked Madam Justice Williams for accommodating and hearing the application presented on her behalf; and for her words of encouragement. She assured the Judge that she would hold them dear to her as she makes her contribution to the noble profession.

Miss Hector also expressed sincerest gratitude to her aunt, Justice Bernie Stephenson. She thanked Madam Stephenson for her encouragement and for her keen interest in her journey to become an attorney. She told Stephenson that she was always a shining example of what an officer of the Court should be, and she would strive to live up to that example in her own professional life.

Miss Hector continued, “Members of the bar, I am honored to join your ranks. I keenly look forward to serving the Bar with integrity, honesty, morality and in a manner that satisfactorily meets the ends of fairness and justice”.

Ms. Hector used the opportunity to express sincere gratitude to the persons who have helped her to make the moment a reality. She thanked her parents, Robelto Hector and Lorna Hunkins for pushing, encouraging and seeing her ability to succeed when she doubted herself. She also thanked her friends, her extended family both maternal and paternal for their prayers, and words of encouragement. Hector believed it was because of those words that she has reached thus far. Hector said that she was certain that her family and friends would continue to carry her as she embarked on her professional journey.

In conclusion, Hector noted that she was ready to discharge her responsibilities to the Court honestly and impartially. She stated that she would strive to uphold the noble spirit of this proud institution and to continue to contribute to the development of the Federation.

Her Ladyship Williams congratulated Hector. She wished her good look on her journey as an attorney and for a job well done. Justice Bernie Stephenson also congratulated the young lady and she encouraged her to continue to strive to be the best that she could be.

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