Nevisian Centenarians Celebrated

Mary Browne

Charlestown –Nevis-Earlier this year, there were four centenarians on Nevis, but the number has dwindled down to two, as unfortunately, two have gone to the great beyond, this year.
However, on Friday 31st May, a day declared federation wide, as CENTENARIANS day, by the Governor General of St. Kitts and Nevis, the two centenarians on Nevis, were celebrated in a real way.
A delegation led by Deputy Governor General, Her honour, Mrs. Hyleta Liburd and Minister of Community Development, Hon. Eric Evelyn, visited the two surviving centenarians.
The first stop was at River Path in Gingerland, at the home of Mary Browne, who is 102 years old and the senior citizen was warmly greeted by the two dignitaries, who encouraged her to continue to trust God and ‘to bat on.’
She appeared lively and in a humourous mood.
Her Honour, Lady Hyleta Liburd presented her with a gift basket, complements of the Federal government. And she expressed her appreciation.
The next stop was at the Flambuoyant Seniors’ home, where the delegation celebrated with the federation’s oldest citizen, Miss Celian Martin Powell, who is 107 years of age.
She was not responsive but the gesture was well and truly appreciated by her family members present and some of the staff at the Alexandra hospital and the Flambuoyant home, who all shared in the grand moment.
Words of commendation and encouragement were offered by her Honour, Mrs. Hyleta Liburd and Hon. Eric Evelyn.
Her Honour also presented a gift basket, on behalf of the federal government.
Also present in the delegation, was Miss Joyce Moven, Deputy Director of the Social Services Department, who pointed out that the two centenarians are actually from the Gingerland area.

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