Nevisian Men Support Special Olympians

Two Nevisian men were specially lauded for their sacrificial efforts in giving support to the St. Kitts-Nevis Special Olympics team, which recently returned from the 2019 world games in Abu Dhabi.
Joseph Liburd and David Grant, came in for high praise, at a recent ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the athletes.
The two men went to Abu Dhabi at their own expense, to give support to the athletes.
The two men attended most of the events and made their presence felt, as they helped to boost the confidence of especially the Nevisian athletes.
Liburd described his vacation as a sort of heaven and David Grant more guardedly described it as one of the finest places he has ever been—outside of Nevis.
They both indicated that they were well treated during their stay and were both proud to see the athletes receive their respective medals.

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