Nevisian to Feature in American University Missionary Campaign

By: Curtis Morton

Charlestown—Nevis—Miss Janelle Walwyn who is the daughter of Stephen and Myrna Walwyn of Farms Estate in Nevis, will be one of the featured speakers in a missionary campaign to be conducted by youthful missionary workers from the Washington Adventist University, in the USA.

Miss Walwyn who was educated at the Charlestown Secondary School, studied in the United Kingdom before registering at the Washington Adventist University.

She was always an A student and as a member of the Gingerland Seventh Day Adventist church, was always actively involved in youth ministry.

She has used her influence to encourage the dynamic youthful group from the US to visit her island and not just merely as tourists but to evangelize the population during their stay, with the urgent message that Jesus Christ is returning soon and that he would only take back with him a prepared people.

The group will be hosting a series of public meetings under the big tent located at the Charlestown Secondary School’s grounds, also referred to as ‘The Villa.’

The special services will run from May 8th to 16th.

The theme for the series of meetings is: ‘The church is dead’.

Here is a full schedule of the services, complete with the topics to be presented:
Friday 8th May—Who killed the church?—Speaker: Chaplain Kaneil Williams—7.00 pm
Saturday 9th May—A Valley of bones—Speaker Janelle Walwyn—9 am
Sunday 10th May—Dead man walking—Speaker: Gustavo Parada—7.00 pm
Monday 11th May –My obituary—Speaker: Jasmine Walls—7.00 pm
Tuesday 12th May—All dead in our sins—Speaker: Brian White-7.00 pm
Wednesday 13th May-The Autopsy—Leland Pittman-7.00 pm
Thursday 14th May –Rest night-7.15 pm
Friday 15th May—A healthy Church-Speaker: Professor Alvin Fuentes-7.00 pm
Sabbath 16th May—grand finale—The church is sleeping—Speaker: chaplain Kaneil Williams-9 am

There will also be an exciting health presentation nightly.

The group is set to arrive on the island today Thursday 7th May and is cordially inviting the Nevisian public to be a part of this exciting series of meetings.

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