By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-A group of approximately forty young persons, boarded the MV Caribe Breeze on Monday 4th April at 8 am.

They were en route to St.Kitts to be a part of a very important forum which was scheduled for the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College.

Minister in the Ministry of Social Development, Hon. Hazel Brandy –Williams, was on hand to commend and motivate the young persons, prior to their departure.

The Minister who was instrumental in ensuring the solid representation at the forum, from a Nevisian perspective, indicated that for Diplomatic week, which is being celebrated this week, a number of Diplomats are currently on the island of St.Kitts and they were due to host a round table discussion with young people on that same Monday morning.

The youths represented students; members of the Nevis Island Youth Council and other youth groups.

She pointed out that up until last year, there were not any persons from Nevis, stationed in any of the Consulates in the region. However, currently, there are two outstanding individuals from Nevis who have acquired such significant status:

Mrs. Elsa Wilkin Ambrister in Dubai and Mr. Everson Hull in Washington DC.

She stated that the aim of sending the young people to the forum was for those who are interested in pursuing careers in International Relations and Diplomacy, to be exposed to such a high level delegation.

She urged them to learn as much as possible and to ask as many questions as possible.

The leader of the Nevis delegation, was Miss Kamara Lee who is the current chairperson of the steering committee of the Nevis Island Youth Council.

Hon Brandy-Williams also indicated that her personal mantra and that of the Nevis Island Administration, is to foster youth leadership.

She also noted that another group of young persons will be attending another forum to be held at the Marriott’s Resort on the evening of Tuesday 5th April, which will focus on the 2030 sustainable development agenda.

The students selected for this forum are students who are attempting science based subjects such as Physics; Chemistry; Geography and Agricultural Science.

Among the distinguished panelists to be featured at this forum, will be the recently appointed Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Mr.  Timothy N J Antoine.

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