Nevisians Feature in CPL Media Blitz

As the Caribbean Premier league’s (CPL’s) Cricket action, continues at Warner Park, hundreds of citizens and residents from Nevis, have committed to going over to St. Kitts via the many boats that have made themselves available for the late afternoons through to early morning return trips.

Bernard QUARTER Liburd

The captains and crews of the several boats that are available, also need special commendation, as they have worked tirelessly in their endeavours to get the many cricket fans, to and from the games.

The busiest night so far, was the night of Saturday 14th September when the Guyana Amazon Warriors engaged the SKN Patriots.
On that evening, the trips to and from St. Kitts were all sold out and the boats just touched in briefly at the relevant ports, to return constantly for more people.

On this occasion, the Guyanese/Nevisian population was also out in full force.

It is understood that some of the boats made their final return trips, sometime around 3 am the following morning.

Small wonder, some Nevisians were ‘fortunate’ enough to get into the spotlight, on the roving CPL cameras.
Two such persons were Michael WISE Herbert whose interaction with the CPL reporter has created much chatter on the local scene and Bernard QUARTER Liburd, whose drinking of the featured ANGOSTURA drink, Lemon Lime and Bitters, won him not only TV notoriety, but also a cheque for US 200.00.

So thrilled was he, that he leaped over the restriction barriers and had to be chased off the field by security personnel, much to the amusement of the huge crowd.
The videos with both men, have since gone viral.

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