By:Curtis Morton

During the course of Wednesday 11th May, the shocking news was received of the passing of Tony Cozier-full name –Winston Anthony Lloyd Cozier, who passed away during the course of that morning.

Many persons on Nevis were first alerted during the viewing of the IPL tournament when commentators broke the news.

It was a hard pill to swallow and many persons interviewed indicated that as far back as they could recall, they listened cricket on radio (for the older ones) in an era when Tony Cozier and Reds Pereira, were the voices of the Caribbean.
Not only was Tony Cozier a well known and well respected voice when it came to matters of Cricket but he was also an editor of no small repute.

He was the editor of the well read West Indies Cricket annual. A magazine that was clamoured for by cricket lovers throughout Nevis.
He was also the editor of another well read publication: The Red Stripe Cricket Quarterly.

Many of the budding commentators of Cricket sought to emulate him in those early years, even attempting to mimic his voice and lyrical content.
In more recent times, Mr. Cozier penned articles which were published in renowned newspapers and media outlets throughout the world.

He was never afraid to air his opinion on a stated issue or player, as the case may be.
He passed away at age 75, after some 50 years of commenting on his favourite game.
He and his well beloved voice will be sorely missed.

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