Nevisians turned off by Windies

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—After the West Indies team slid to yet another loss to Australia in the second test match of the ongoing Frank Worrell series, several Nevisians were questioned about their feelings about the team.

The responses were instructive:

‘I no longer lose sleep to stay up and watch them,’ said one fan.

“They are called WINDIES but I know that they are really LOSIES, so I don’t get my hopes up too high,’ said another.

The general consensus of opinion is that there is an obvious decline in the standard of play being demonstrated by the current players.

‘When the players were not as highly paid, they seemed more committed and played their hearts out. These guys generally seem more interested in the money, the BLING and the hype. Look at even our own Nevis cricket. We are not doing anything here either. The Leewards scene is not good either and when the foundation is weak, the building cannot be strong,’ said one cricket analyst.
So what is the solution to the problem?

The administration of the game by the WICB has come under heavy fire as well. The persons spoken to are not very impressed with the way the game in the region is being administered.

The thought process is that there needs to be an urgent ‘house cleaning.’  ‘Get rid of every and anything that is contra productive and make a fresh start with those elements that are serious about the game, said one former cricketer.

The feeling on the ground though, is that Nevisians are not impressed with the current status of Cricket locally, at the regional level nor at the international level as regards our various teams and level of play.

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