Nevispages endorses Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds of the NRP in bi-election

After three decades as the Parliamentary Representative for St. Thomas’, the Hon. Joseph W Parry retired from active politics.  In his final act, he demonstrated his trademark statesmanship by endorsing the vibrant and visionary Mrs Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds to be his successor.

In this era when representational politics has been corrupted by self-serving ministers of government, her selection represents a watershed moment, a significant break from the “self above country” style of politics.

All Nevisians from the very onset of her campaign were moved by her simple but profound message of inclusivity and not exclusivity. They were moved by her warmth and abiding love for all people.  They were transfixed by her vision to transform the lives of our youth through education and training.  Her vision was not crafted from hearsay or opinion but from experience as a teacher.

So when her opponent speaks of plans locked away in his subconscious, she speaks of hers openly and decisively.

So when her opponent parrots the same twisted logic of the NIA that in order for the people of St. Thomas’ to be looked after there must be a CCM Minister at the table.  She revolts in disgust of such an undemocratic suggestion.

We of the Editorial Board of finds her plans and ideas to be not only visionary but most importantly very progressive, logical and achievable.  We therefore unreservedly endorse Mrs. Cleone Stapleton-SImmonds as the preferred choice to represent the good people of St. Thomas’.

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