Nevispages Persons of the Year 2013: The Nevis Renal Society

Nevispages is pleased to announce its Persons of the Year 2013. This year the recognition goes to the members of the supremely deserving Nevis Renal Society.

The Nevis Renal Society with its motto, ‘Love your Kidneys. Love your life’, plays a vital role in supporting persons on the island of Nevis with kidney problems. The organization was formed in 1999 with pioneers such as former Minister of Health Mr. Hensley Daniel, Mrs. Estella Challenger-Gumbs and Mr. Paul Lawrence.

Over the years the composition of the group has change significantly but two founding members still remain. Mrs. Alexa Pemberton who is the current President and Dr. Glenville Liburd who currently serves as Medical Advisor are both still part and parcel of the non profitable organization.

In 2010 the group reorganized itself, increased membership and stepped up activities in order to make the group more vibrant and visible.

The group through its extraordinary efforts has provided financial assistance for traveling abroad to several kidney patients. According to President Pemberton, “We continue to educate the public on kidney care, raise funds and dialogue with government to ensure the establishment and proper operations of a dialysis center on Nevis”.

Pemberton noted that during the past year and especially in recent months dialysis in Nevis and to a lesser extent St. Kitts has received much media attention. She indicated, “It has done some harm but at the same time, the society gained considerable exposure from the debates and as a result of that we have had an increase in pledges and donations towards establishing a dialysis unit in Nevis”.

At the first Gala Dinner in 2012, the members of the Renal Society were all elated and pleased when the then Premier Hon. Joseph Parry delivered some good news. He said that the Nevis Island Administration, through the assistance of a donor, had ordered a turnkey haemodialysis unit. The unit was acquired to assist the many kidney patients on the island of Nevis who had to travel abroad, at considerable costs and inconveniences to seek dialysis treatment. The unit arrived on the island in April 2013 but to the disappointment of the Renal Society, no progress has been made since. The society has had countless dialogues with the Ministry of Health and is looking forward to get plans in motion imminently.

The President claimed however, that 2013 was a good year for the society despite the unit not becoming operational. She stated that their major fund raising and educational events were all successful, and all monies raised went to persons with kidney ailments who seek the assistance of the group. No one is ever, nor will ever be turned away by the group.

During 2013 the Nevis Renal Society main fund raisers included Bake & Soup Sale, Walkathon, Annual Concert and an Awards Dinner. The Dinner which was held at Occasions in November awarded a few persons who contributed significantly in the field of dialysis. Mrs. Estella Challenger-Gumbs who headed a dialysis unit in England and who gave dedicated service as a dialysis nurse was one of the awardees. Mr. Dinsdale Morton and Mr. Adolphus Warner also received an award

On that occasion Mrs. Pemberton expressed wholehearted thanks and appreciation on behalf of the entire group, to all the persons and institutions who have partnered with the group over the years, for their invaluable contributions enabling the success of the Society.

The group’s annual highlight is a week of activities held in March of each year where most of the activities focus on public education. The week of activities usually include a church service, radio shows, health lecture and a health fair. For the past two years the health fair has included free Kidney testing for over 120 persons.

In conclusion the President said that next year with the help of our loving and compassionate God they will repeat all their fund raising and educational activities. ‘Let’s make 2014 the best year for kidney care”.
The group appreciates any assistance from the general public and has opened an account at the Bank of Nevis Ltd, with account number 142239 where donations may be lodged.

The executive of the Nevis Renal Society comprises Mrs. Alexa Pemberton, President; Ms. Sherolyn Pemberton, Vice President; Ms. Paulette Hanley, Treasurer; Ms. Jerville Weekes, Secretary; Mr. Brian Carey, Asst. Treasurer; Ms. Florene Williams, PRO; and Dr. Glenville Liburd, Medical Advisor.

Nevispages congratulates the Nevis Renal Society for its exceptional efforts in ensuring the health of all persons on Nevis. It is hoped that the society would continue to wage the war against kidney disease and to ensure that all in need of kidney care is assisted.

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