NEVLEC: Quiz Competition Guidelines

• The QUIZ Competition has been organized by CARICOM, in collaboration with its local partners including the Ministry of Communications, Works, Public Utility, Post, Natural Resources & Environment and Ministry of Education within the Nevis Island Administration and NEVLEC

• The QUIZ is Facebook-based, thus all answers must be posted to:
• There are ten questions in total that should be answered.
• Participants should only answer and submit the two questions specified for any given day.
o NO answers will be considered on one day for any other day other than the day when they were posted
o That is, questions should not be answered and posted in advance
o Answers posted on Monday will be considered as answers related to Monday’s Questions only
• Answers must be concise, legibly-written, and devoid of any profanity and disrespectful language, symbols, sayings, graphics, etc.
• Answers must be posted by 12 midnight of the day when they were posted and were to be answered
• Persons with the most correct answers that were posted on time, will then be placed in a random draw to select the winner
• Participants must enter only once. That is, only one Facebook URL will qualify per person
o Checks will be made to ensure that one person is not answering under multiple ID’s to increase the probability of being selected in the Random Draw
• The prize for this Quiz Contest is shown below:
o 1 Camera with case for winner of online Energy Photo Competition
• Optical Sensor Resolution: 16 megapixels
• Optical Zoom: 34 multiplier
• Battery Description: AA
• Dimensions: 2.99 inches x 4.33 inches x 3.58 inches
• Video Capture Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (60i, 30p), 1280 x 960 (30p), 640 x 480 (30 fps)
• Non-compliance with any one of the guidelines above will result in immediate disqualification

1. Define energy?
2. List the four (4) initiatives that the Nevis Island Administration and NEVLEC are pursuing as sources of renewable energy?

1. What is meant by the terms Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency?
3. Briefly discuss one of initiatives that the Nevis Island Administration and NEVLEC are pursuing as sources of renewable energy?

1. Give two Energy-saving tips related to lights at home, schools, offices, etc.
2. Traditional bulbs with the white glass globe use a different technology to the modern energy saving bulbs. What are the names of both technologies?

1. On average, how much energy does an energy-saving (compact fluorescent) bulb save over the traditional incandescent bulb?
2. Give three ways in which energy can be conserved that are related to the refrigerator.

1. Which forms of energy are ultimately derived from solar energy?
• Gasoline
• Wind
• Coal
• Nuclear energy
• Biofuels
2. The ENERGY STAR label designates: The ENERGY STAR label designates:
• Companies that save the most energy.
• A product featured on a home improvement TV show.
• The most energy-efficient products on the market that can cut energy bills by up to 30 percent.
• The newest planet replacing Pluto.


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