Nevlec Schedule of outages for coming week

April 1st & 3rd 2014 


Tuesday April 1st  2014


9:00 am – 12:00 pm


                To facilitate the upgrade of lines


                   Areas to be affected

Cedar Trees, Bath Road, Belle Vue, High School Road and areas in close proximity



Thursday April 3rd 2014


9:30 am – 2:00 pm


          To facilitate the upgrade of lines

Areas to be affected:

Four Seasons & Cottton Ground Feeders(include Prospect to Camps via Stoney Grove, Hamilton, Ramsbury, Craddock Road, Jessups) and areas in proximity


NEVLEC apologizes for the inconveniences that may be caused by these outages and remind customers that in each case service may be delayed to later than the time specified. For additional information please call our customer service office at the following numbers:

Customer Service   469-7243/7245

Emergency Service 469-9100


Please remember that your $10 Solid Waste Disposal Levy is compulsory.

Nevlec now offers merchant services.  We accept credit/debit cards for payments on accounts.

Nevlec Management.

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