New Castle painter urges public to show more support to local artists

Charlestown, Nevis (Monday, December 9th, 2019) – With only 36 square miles and a population of just over 13,000, Nevis is not only a small island but it also suffers from ‘small island’ problems. Whether the concerns are lack of available opportunities for growth or challenges faced within the community; one of their biggest challenges Nevisian performing artists face is lack of support from their own people.

Davien Griffin identifies his art as focusing on the afrocentric genre and highlighting the creative mind on a tangible platform.

In an exclusive interview as part of Live from the Vinyard Local New Castle resident, Davien Griffin explains that community support for the local artists is essential to their quality of work but also motivates them to also produce more quality content.

“A lot of artists, the support they get is from a very tight circle around them, like family and friends but the general public they would see you and say ‘oh that’s a nice painting’ but nothing much after that so probably more support or more showcasing of the different artwork,” he said.

He clarified that while the reaction from the community has thus far been very positive, he is certain that the community can identify from his artwork that painting is his dream.

Griffin highlighted the opportunities local artists have on the island.

“Well seeing that my idol, mentor, Vaughn Anslyn, he does a lot of artwork and I see that he has work around the Caribbean so it doesn’t mean that you can’t get anywhere or be successful, you could definitely be successful,” he said.

He also explained that one of the most common challenges faced by artists is the motivation to improve their art.

“Challenges is not having the motivation to improve yourself, like thinking that you’re not good enough and at some point just stopping. A lot of people I know used to do paintings and they feel like ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that so it doesn’t make any sense I continue’.

“I struggle with it in 2016, at some point I stopped drawing for a whole year, like I just didn’t like it anymore but then after a while I said you know what I have a talent so let me chase it…let me go and get it,” he said.

Griffin used the opportunity to express excitement that the education system on Nevis has included art in the school curriculum allowing him to graduate from the Nevis Sixth form college with an Associate degree in Communication in Visual Art.

The full interview was aired on December 4th, 2019 at 5 p.m live on YESSKN Facebook page. The programme will highlight each performers talent individually. It will also feature each performer’s journey as well as bring attention to the challenges and opportunities faced within the industry on the island.

Persons interested in participating or recommending talented youth can email or contact 660-5043. Direct messages can also communicated via social media platforms, CEPA_SKN on Instagram or CEPA on Facebook.

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