New jobs are needed in Nevis Charlestown, Nevis (Wednesday, May 18, 2016)

Reformation Party (NRP) Senator; the Hon. Carlisle Powell said there has been no new job creation in Nevis since the CCM took the reins of government in January 2013.

Powell made the statement discussing the state of affairs on Nevis, while he was the special guest on a popular radio program last Thursday.

“Premier, Vance Amory promised to create over 500 jobs in the first three years. If he managed to create 200 jobs it was because he fired NRP people and replaced them with CCM supporters and that is not job creation. You can’t fire EK to put Carlisle in the same old job that is not new job creation,” commented Powell.

The economy on Nevis is very sluggish largely due to no new private sector investments and high unemployment on the island which gives very little hope of a progressive economy.

While the Nevis Reformation Party was in government they worked with the Japanese to get a Fisheries Complex started in Nevis. It was $30 million of free money to Nevis from Japan to get the project going but the CCM stopped the project thus preventing a number of Nevisians from getting jobs.

The medical clinic at New River was worth $42 million. That was another project that NRP had ready to go but when the CCM came to power they stopped the project. In addition, an oil storage plant worth a billion was close to becoming a reality under the NRP but again under the CCM the project came to a sudden end.

“If CCM did not like the projects or had problems with the projects why didn’t they come with alternative projects?

Basically, if a person do not like A,B or C they should at least come with a D,E or F but the CCM do not understand that to provide good governance one must serve a healthy economy and new jobs,” said Powell.


He went on to say that it is sad when people are not empowered with job security and there is a very sluggish economy, as these are not elements for a financially progressive society.


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