By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis- Center Manager at the Charles Walters Community Center at Hanley’s Road, Miss Elmeader Brookes, revealed on Tuesday that a brand new women’s group has been formed in the Hanley’s Road area.

The group is dubbed: ‘Women on a mission’ and is currently run by a small executive committee of foundation members:

Elmeader Brookes-Coordinator

Gale Dore- President

Deslyn Evelyn-Secretary-Treasurer

Other foundation members are Florine Williams and Michelle Dore

The aim of the group is to bring the women in the Hanley’s Road community together in a more formal setting, to use their combined strengths and competencies for the advancement of the community i.e. Hanley’s Road.

According to Miss Brookes, the group seeks to stimulate women into realizing and accepting their responsibilities to the improvement and advancement of the community.

The group will also motivate and aspire women and girls to high ideals through education and encourage bonding.

Effectively, the group will be working towards promoting Hanley’s Road as a model community.

At first the group was originally geared towards an age range of over 35 but not yet 65 years, but since then it has been decided that other persons outside of that age range can also be a part of the group.

Even interested high schoolers and persons who have just left school, once they interested, can be a part of the group.

There is no subscription fee for members and even though the group has been organized for the past six months, it has not yet been officially launched.

Miss Brookes pointed out that the idea of the group did not come out of the fact that the community is necessarily bad, but indicated that there is always need for improvement and the group is ready and willing to help school children with scholarships and assist persons who are sick or disabled and persons who have suffered aspects of disaster.

The group is scheduled to be officially launched in the month of June.

So far, persons have come in and done presentations to community members, initiated by the group. Among those presenters were:

Mr. Augustine Merchant who spoke on LEADERSHIP IN COMMUNITIES.

Mrs. Mariney Newton-‘The role of women in community development.’

There was also a health forum under the theme ‘Your body –your health.’ Various health professionals led out on a variety of topics.

Miss Brookes used the opportunity to invite all of the women in Hanley’s Road to be a part of the group and to ‘be a part of the mission.’

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