NIA Assists Estelle Bartlette with New House

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—The Nevis Island Administration, through the Ministry of Social Development, has come to the aid of a senior citizen in Charlestown.
On Monday 17th August, Junior Minister of Social Development, Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, officially handed over the keys of a spanking, brand new, three bed room house to Ms Estelle Bartlette of Old Hospital Road.
In handing over the keys, Hon Williams reminisced that she would have spent time at the previous house with a daughter of Ms Bartlette, who is her friend and noted that the Nevis Island Administration was happy to help persons who are vulnerable and are in need of assistance. She pointed out that Ms Bartlette qualified for social assistance based on the criteria utilized by her Ministry.

Front--left to right-ASTRO Browne; Hon Hazel Brandy- Williams; Estelle Bartlette; Joyce Moven Back-left to right--Pastor Simeon Prentice and Mr. Keith Glasgow
Front–left to right-ASTRO Browne; Hon Hazel Brandy- Williams; Estelle Bartlette; Joyce Moven
Back-left to right–Pastor Simeon Prentice and Mr. Keith Glasgow

Also speaking at the brief ceremony was the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow who gave a comprehensive overview of the project.
He stated that the plight of Ms Bartlette, who at the time was living in dilapidated conditions in her previous house, was brought to the attention of the Ministry by a community minded individual, Oscar ASTRO Browne. The Ministry duly investigated the matter and initially sought to replace the old wooden structure with a new wooden structure but after discussions with the Bartlette family, it was decided that a concrete structure would be erected instead.
The Bartlette family provided the land, some of the materials; the electrical and plumbing services, while the NIA provided their maintenance crew to complete the construction work.
The construction crew was led by Morris FISH Burke and the plans for the building were designed by Brand’s Architecture.
The ceremony was ably chaired by Miss Joyce Moven, Deputy Director at the Social Services Department.
Pastor Simeon Prentice, who is incidentally Ms Bartlette’s Pastor, noted that the church had had many meetings to discuss ways in which they could assist ‘Mother Bartlette’ and noted that the members were extremely grateful for the assistance provided by the Government. He delivered the opening prayer and also blessed the building.
A tearful Ms Bartlette managed a few words through her tears of joy, as she thanked God and thanked the Nevis Island Administration and all those who had any dealings with the provision of her new house.

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