Charlestown-Nevis- Senior citizens and seniors resident on Nevis are in for another initiative, complements of the Nevis Island Administration.

Coordinator of the Seniors’ division within the Social Services department, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson, officially revealed on Thursday that the seniors on the island who are 65 years and older will now be eligible for a significantly reduced bus fare initiative.
The reduced bus fare will accommodate seniors who are 65 years and older and who will be easily identified as they will be wearing a picture ID.

This is a collaborative effort between the Nevis Island Administration, through the Ministry of Social Development, under the guidance of the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams and the Nevis Bus Association, which is fully on board with the initiative.
Mrs. Hendrickson was quick to point out that only eligible seniors with the accompanying photo IDS and only buses affiliated with the Nevis Bus Association, are part of the new initiative.

Many of the seniors who are regulars at the weekly seniors’ meetings organized by the Seniors’ division, have already registered and taken photos for their IDS.
Mrs. Hendrickson further indicated that any other eligible seniors who are interested can listen out for two registration dates sometime next week, when registration and photo taking will be conducted at the War Memorial square in Charlestown.

They can contact any of the Community Care givers or call 469-5521 ext 2045 and 2081.

The bus fare initiative will allow the eligible seniors to pay only $1.00 for one way fares, no matter the distance to be travelled. The initiative will take effect in the month of October, which is significantly, the established month of older persons.
The seniors were unofficially informed of the proposal at one of their meetings held on Wednesday the 12th of August and received the news with loud applause.

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