No Road March title for Culturama 39

(Charlestown, Nevis- August 14, 2013)- The Culturama Committee has concluded an extensive review of the issues related to the challenged results of the recently concluded Culturama 39 Road March contest.

It has been decided, that due to significant judging errors for which the Committee takes full responsibility, and in fairness to all participating bands, there could be no declared winner for the title of Road March for Culturama 39. However, the bands involved in the competition would be compensated equally for their participation.

The Committee sincerely apologizes to the members of the KORE band which was initially announced as the winner, and seemingly commands overwhelming public support for their popular song “Love De Festival”

Apologizes are also extended to the Odisi and The Ultra Sonic Bands and their supporters, who notwithstanding, were in full compliance with the prescribed rules, may ultimately be adversely impacted by this regrettable decision.

The Culturama Committee would like to thank all the bands and revelers, who contributed to the peaceful and enjoyable street activities for Culturama39.

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