No Vaccine, No Entry? Understanding the Vaccine Passport DebateThe technology is emerging–and so are concerns about privacy, security, and other issues.

Private companies as well as various states are working to develop “vaccine passports”–a mobile app technology that will allow Americans to prove they have been vaccinated for Covid-19.

The passports work like digital badges, often in the form of QR codes, that show the bearer has been inoculated against the coronavirus. To get approval, users of the apps manually enter some basic information such as date of birth, zip code, and the date, time, and kind of vaccine they received. This information is then verified by an appropriate health authority.

For businesses in certain industries, such as restaurants, events, and travel, the technology could offer a crucial layer of protection for employees and customers. Norwegian Cruise Line, for instance, is setting sail again in July, but will require vaccinations of all passengers.

The technology is evolving and there are still many outstanding questions related to privacy protection, interoperability, and cybersecurity, as well as whether private companies or government agencies should manage the passports. Read More….

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