No water at night for residents of St. Peter’s, New Road, Pine Gardens, Gillard and Shadwell

By Erasmus Williams: Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 13, 2018 – Two weeks after Lennox Liburd, a New York-based Kittitian, accused Minister responsible for water, Hon. Ian Patches Liburd, of gross negligence, his ministry announced water rationing in several areas on Monday.

Residents of the St. Peter’s, New Road, Pine Gardens, Gillard and Shadwell communities will be not have water in their pipes from 10 pm to 5 am for two weeks.

“This is to minimise the possibility of service interruption during daytime hours,” a news release from the Manager/Water Engineer, Mr. Denison Paul said.

Mr. Paul said rationing has become necessary due to “technical difficulties that resulted in reduced flows from the well that supplies these communities.”

Only two weeks ago, Lennox Liburd blamed Minister Ian Patches Liburd for preventing the Water Department from connecting the wells found by the Bead company to the St. Kitts water system. It appears Minister Liburd favours another company, Ocean Earth Technologies, who he gave a similar contract to look for water.

“The people must have water, water is life. Our people, your people do not care about who signed contract, when the contract was signed, if the Ocean Earth Technologies, a company that had conducted MER studies on the Basseterre aquifer in 2009 are superior to BEAD Technologies. You are servant of the people, the people need water and water you must give to them,” said Lennox Liburd.

“At this moment the people just need water and more water,” said Lennox Liburd, who asked: “After three years (of the Team Unity Government) tell us if Sandy Nettles had found “wells with water and if yes why aren’t they connected to the St. Kitts Water System?”

Lennox Liburd said he is aware as a fact that Bead found water in Shadwell and Old Road “waiting on you to approve connection.”

“For whatever the reason or reasons, the Water Department had not been able to hook into the system,” said Lennox Liburd, who pointed out that the people in Upper Cayon are sometimes without water for two days.


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